Why Malta?

Malta is known by many as being a little gem- a party island- in the Mediterranean Sea. Whilst yes, some amazing parties take place on our island… There are many more great aspects which make Malta the perfect country for you to spend your Erasmus months or for holidays. 


Some important facts about our Island

Where is Malta?

Just South of Sicily in the Mediterranean- You’ll need to zoom in on GoogleMaps to actually locate it- It is that small… We are our own country and have been independent since 1964.

What is the currency?

The Euro. We are the smallest country in the EU 

What languages do we speak?

Everyone speaks English and Maltese- which are both our national languages.  The Maltese language is directly derived from the Phoenician language, and since Malta is the only place in the world were this astounding language is still spoken, the Maltese language is therefore the oldest language in the world and is of particular interest to linguists from all over the world. It's an extremely difficult language to learn but you can try!

What are the Highlights?

Architecture and Culture

Over the years, Malta has been under the rule of various Countries and this helped us to develop a pretty unique architecture with styles differing all over the island. The traditional balconies have helped to define the character of the Maltese urban landscape through their various colours and decorative motifs and can be found in most cities. Our Culture goes back many years and is pretty unique. Being an island, fishing has been around for many years and we have traditional fishing boats- Luzzu- which are painted in characteristic bright colours and the design is said to date back to the Phoenician Times!! Visit Marsascala, one of the fishing villages, where you can eat a fantastic seafood meal and view these boats at the same time!









Food and Drinks

Food, glorious Food. Malta’s dishes are very Mediterranean so expect lots of fish, olives, capers, tomatoes and olives. Whilst some dishes are Italian-influenced others are uniquely our own. Our Pastizzi, delicious filo pastries filled with ricotta or peas, are something every foreigner must try at least once! We also have our own beer- Cisk- and our own soft drink called Kinnie which you either love or hate. Rabbit stew and Hobz biz-zejt (Maltese bread filled with tomato paste, tuna, capers and olives) are also famous Maltese Dishes which we encourage that you try! :)


Natural Beauty 

The Maltese Archipelago is filled with endless natural beauty with the Azure Window being the most well-known across the globe. It also featured in an episode in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. Gozo, our sister island, has many beautiful spots that you can explore whilst riding quad bikes around the island. 




If you want your year abroad to be a bit different, take on a challenge and listen to the adventurous voice in your head. Go hiking in the cliffs, go rock-climbling, learn how to fly a plane, go snorkelling or go diving! Malta and Gozo have some of the best diving spots and was voted one of the top diving locations in the world. Our marine life and wealth of wrecks helped us to secure this prestigious spot! 


They say that Malta has two seasons- Summer and Winter… So whether you come in the first semester or in the second semester you will definitely get the opportunity to swim! We have some absolutely beautiful beaches. The Blue Lagoon, found in Comino, is a favourite amongst students- with crystal clear waters and white sandy sea bottom, it’s considered to be a mini-paradise. 


Ancient Cities

Mdina has got to be one of the most beautiful cities on the island- an ancient fortified white city perched on a hill and known as ‘The Silent City’. Here you can find some of the best cakes in Malta at Fontanella and eat it whilst looking over a beautiful view of the island. Valletta, our Capital City, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and people say that walking through Valletta is like walking through an outdoor museum because of all the beautiful monuments. 




Malta will definitely be more than you ever imagined! Come and Experience our Maltese Culture! There are many more things which make Malta as spectacular as it is, so don't hold our word for it and come explore our beautiful islands for yourself!