Malta is a small yet extremely cultural island found in the Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of our small size of just over 316 km2 which makes it one of the worlds smallest countries, our island is packed with culture and exciting places to visit. Malta's climate is typical of the Mediterranean and is strongly influenced by the sea which makes it more appealing with its sunny climate. Whilst being packed with culture such as Neolithic Temples, Forts built during the wars and cities with a vast history, Malta is also considered to be a great party island with approximately more than a million tourists visiting every year. There is something for everyone, whether you are into sightseeing, partying or both! ☺

With the University of Malta being the highest institute of education, there are approximately 11,000 students including over 650 international students from 77 different countries. The University regularly hosts a large number of Erasmus and other exchange students and we aim to provide them with the best experience possible.

This is ESN Malta's 4th year in operation! ESN Malta first started out by being part of the main student union of our university working hand-in-hand with our international office representatives. However, these past few years, through a lot of hard work and dedication from previous ESN board members, we are proud to say that we are now standing alone as a student organization gaining individualism and aiming to excel in the future. We look forward to an academic year full of fun, exciting activities with students.

Throughout the year we held many different activities on what has become ‘ESN Tuesdays’. 

Our activities included many themed parties, treasure hunts, karaoke nights as well as a fantastic party weekend spent on our sister island, Gozo, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all students. We look forward to an academic year full of fun and exciting activities with the students and aim to improve our activities as well as build many friendships with incoming students.

The official statutes of ESN Malta may be found below: